avatarCupcake Royale (Seattle, Washington)
The web based software has provided us with a lot more flexibility. Previously, we only had one computer that had access to the lifeline of our bakery, the orders, and production reports. With MyOnlineBakery.com we are able to enter orders from anywhere—even our mobile phones.

Matt Teske POMeSYS-Host,POMeSYS-Remote


avatarSchripps European Bread (North Bergen, New Jersey)
The most beautiful thing about My Online Bakery – Remote is its simplicity. My customers love it. Call traffic & volume has reduced as a result of the customer putting in there own order instead of calling them in; which in turn gives our customer service department more time for customers and extra attention to detail.

Giordano Campos Z-Bake, POMeSYS-Remote


avatarTom Cat Bakery (Long Island City, New York)
It has been a pleasure using [POMeSYS].com in conjunction with our existing accounting software. It has allowed customers, whom we have enabled, to enter and change their daily orders and maintain their standing orders. The program sends us, the bakery, an email notifying us of an order. The service has paid for itself many times. Thank you for providing such technologically advanced service to us and the baking community.

Jenny Roque Z-Bake, POMeSYS-Remote


avatarBluepoint Bakery (Denver, Colorado)
I am writing on behalf of Bluepoint Bakery to express our strong endorsement of [POMeSYS].com. As of July 1, 2009 we transferred from our web ordering and started using [POMeSYS].com. Since then we have increased our volume of online orders by 6.34%.

Hannah Lederman Z-Bake, POMeSYS-Remote


avatarCalandra’s Bakery, Inc (Caldwell, New Jersey)
Since we implemented [POMeSYS].com in 2008, we have spent minimum amount of time doing wasteful data entry. All of our drivers input their own orders online instead of faxing or calling us to enter/change their orders. This has resulted in tremendous savings and is very convenient for us and our drivers. We highly recommend it.

Amida Turan Z-Bake, POMeSYS-Remote


avatarCreres Bakery
We very much like using Online Bakery. We have had no problems with it at all, and since it takes care of the math we are able to have more employees take over setting up production, freeing us (the owners) to do other things. It has actually saved enough time that it negates the cost of the program. Before we used a homegrown excel sheet to set up our production and then manually entered the information into Quickbooks for invoices and bookkeeping. This saves so much time.

The only thing I can think of that would make the program easier is if you had information sheets for setting up the program. I’m just the kind of person who learns best by reading, rather than hearing. I have found the directions Emilya has sent me to be very useful. I have started writing down how to enter things so I can have a “cheat sheet” for employees to follow when they are doing certain tasks, having this already written out would be useful, and fewer calls from me!



avatarHartford Baking Company
Transitioning to POMeSYS for our internal production is one of the best business decisions we’ve made in a long time. It has enabled us to eliminate many human points of failure from our processes, and more accurately and efficiently coordinate our daily production.

George and his team have indulged our many varied requests, graciously spending countless hours over the space of several weeks helping us customize the program functionality to better accommodate our specific needs.

The result is a robust system that saves us time, saves us money and is as reliable as the sunrise. It’s reassuring to know that we can regard TwinPeaks as less of a vendor, and more of a partner as we continue to grow.

Kris KellyPOMeSYS-Host


avatarCascio Distributing
At first we were a bit skeptical about converting to Myonlinbakery.com. It was one of the best business decisions! George and his staff made it an easy transition and even modified some modules to fit our specific needs. Maintaining and changing recurring orders has never been easier. Would highly recommend Myonlinebakery.

Geri-Anne Cascio POMeSYS-Host