Inventory Control and Costing

Third, the Costing part of this module maintains files on ingredients, packaging materials, labor, finished and unfinished products. Multi-level recipes are entered for Unfinished and Finished products. In addition to the makeup of each recipe, for each dough user enters preparation instructions, default mixer name and other pertinent information such as tub size, temperature, divider info, press weight and starter identification. Production lists are defined or imported from the Sales Order module for analysis and materials requirement planning purposes. Detailed costs, including overhead and profit margin considerations are calculated. Changes in costs of ingredients are automatically reflected in updated product costs.

The Inventory Control component of the module allows entry of a daily list of goods purchased or received as returns. Quantities of each item wasted or produced are also entered. Sales info from the Accounts Receivable module seamlessly reaches and updates the on-hand value of inventory items. Based on recipes already defined, the system maintains a running inventory of ingredients, packaging materials and finished products. Adjustments to inventory are made easily. Reports include physical inventory sheets, inventory on hand, inventory movements and recommended reorders.

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