twinpeacksddPOMeLOT is a functionality that uses all three modules of POMeSYS. The application has three distinct components.

  1. It enables a user to track where finished products with certain lot numbers end up, i.e. track customers to whom a certain product with a certain lot number was sold.
  2. It enables user to track where ingredients of certain products with certain lot numbers came from. That is, vendors from whom products with certain lot numbers were purchased.
  3. It enables user to link or relate finished items with certain lot numbers to ingredients of distinct lot numbers. As a result, when a vendor of an ingredient places a recall on ingredients of certain lot numbers, this functionality allows user to reveal within seconds the identity of customers who got delivery of products made from the recalled ingredient.

Also, if a customer complains about a finished product, the program allows user to alert each vendor who provided an ingredient that made up that product.