When organizations such as schools, churches, clubs, youth groups and other non-profit entities plan to raise money, they ask their members to sell boxes of chocolates, cookies, popcorn, gift wrap and many other products to family and friends. The process by which those orders are managed, billed and paid for can be challenging without the use of appropriate software.
Recently, here at TwinPeaks Online,  we created POMeFUND, a new functionality to our business management suite www.POMeSYS.com. This utility allows a fund raising organization’s coordinator, such as the administrator of a school, to use a web based customer portal to place orders for all students who sell your products in their effort to raise money. As each order is entered, the coordinator associates the name of the student and his/her student ID with the products he/she sold. Once all orders are entered into the system, your production manager prints required production sheets that tally all orders and display the names of the students. Labels are then printed to accompany individual boxes or bags that would be delivered to those students. Schools are then billed and as payments come in, receivables are maintained.