twinpeacksddPOMeNutri – This web based application allows users to perform nutritional analysis of their products and print appropriate labels according to industry standards. It is an integral part of the library of POMeSYS-Host. It requires the use of the Inventory the Inventory Control and Costing (POMeSYS-ICC), the Accounts Receivable (POMeSYS-AR), and the Purchase Orders (POMeSYS-PO) modules. Ingredients, unfinished as well as finished goods, are defined and maintained in the POMeSYS-ICC module. The POMeNUTRI application maintains a database of ingredients with all of the nutritional values as defined and provided by the USDA. The User relates each ingredient used in the recipe to an equivalent ingredient in the USDA database. With that done, POMeNUTRI calculates the nutritional information of each product. The user can then view such info, export it to a spreadsheet or simply print a label.