An Innovative, Efficient Web-based Order Entry System




POMeSYS.com-Remote module is a web based order entry management system designed for use by customers of wholesale businesses. Specifically, this application allows your customers to place new orders, change existing ones, as well as duplicate past ones. Furthermore, it provides them a platform to maintain and manage their recurring scheduled orders on their own. In addition, your customers view your catalog online. That helps them find new products that they may decide to purchase from you.

Finally, your products could have unlimited options or attributes attached to them. For example, your customer can order a cake and select the options for icing, filling, decoration, and packaging methods. It integrates with most major accounting software packages, including Z-Bake, the ‘in-house’ server based bakery management software developed and supported by TwinPeaks Online for over 20 years.

POMeSYS-com-Remote since its inception in 2008 has been used by customers with laptop computers, PC’s and full size tablets. Recently TwinPeaks Online has introduced a ‘smart phone’ version to accommodate those customers who can or wish to use smaller (6 or 7 inch) smart phones.

Top 10 Features:

Using POMeSYS Remote, your customers can achieve the following:

  1. Enter, edit, and finalize their orders for any day of the week.
  2. Use order templates for easy and smooth order entry.
  3. Flip through your catalog to see your selection and price list.
    Dynamically search within your catalog to view images, descriptions, and nutritional labels.
  4. Specify attributes of items ordered: such as color, size, icing, filling.
  5. View, print, and email all of their open (unpaid) invoices.
  6. Request RMAs for “damaged” products.
  7. Send you electronic messages, comments, and remarks.
  8. Automatically receive email confirmations on orders placed.
  9. Use a specialized app to enter orders via phone or tablet in addition to laptop and desktop.
  10. Export invoices to numerous accounting software packages.

More Features:

You can:

  1. Specify cut off times for orders to be placed before a certain delivery date.
  2. Be notified when customer makes or changes a standing or recurring order.
  3. Leave a message for your customers on a bulletin board.
  4. Customize the landing page for every customer.