My Route Manager

twinpeacksddThis web based application is a route delivery tracking and management system that provides efficient, on-site generation and printing of accurate delivery tickets or invoices via smart phones. It allows your drivers to use smart phones or tablets to create invoices for the deliveries and returns of the day. Once signatures are collected as proof of purchase, the invoices and credit memos are printed on portable, light, rugged belt carried printers. As soon as merchandise is delivered and signed for, e-mails are sent to your office and a copy of the invoice is sent to the customer. Being completely web-based, nothing is downloaded to the tablet or uploaded form it. All information is stored on secure servers that can be accessed at anytime and from anywhere in the world by your authorized staff. Data is transferred to POMeSYS-Host as well as on site server based Z-Bake Bakery management software. If desired, data could also be exported to other accounting applications.