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Unique online portal provides end to end solution for fundraising efforts

Pasadena, California- A new software application allows coordinators of fund raising organizations to process orders through a unique online portal. POMeFUND is a new added functionality to business management suite . Developed by TwinPeaks Online, this utility offers organizations such as schools, churches, clubs, youth groups and other non-profit entities the capability to streamline their fundraising process. Students call in their requests for goods ‘sold’ or ‘planned to be sold’. Campaign coordinators use POMeFUND to place their orders with the manufacturers of such goods. And, upon receipt of those goods weeks later, coordinators distribute them quickly and correctly.

George Keushguerian, the founder and president of TwinPeaks Online, described the three major benefits to the fund raisers as follows: 1. Reduces human error in bookkeeping. 2. Reduces time spent in doing mathematical calculations and finally 3. Speeds up the distribution process by having all boxes pre-packed by vendors using POMeFUND.

As for the vendors, the benefits are many. After all the orders are entered into the system, the production manager of the business providing the goods prints production sheets tallying all orders and displaying the names of all students receiving merchandise. Labels are printed to accompany individual boxes or bags to deliver to those students. Schools are then billed and as payments come in, receivables are maintained.

POMeFUND is the latest add-on utility from TwinPeaks Online; a software design, sales, and support company in Pasadena, California. For 25 years this firm has provided computing solutions to small and medium size businesses all over the United States, and Canada. Although most of its products are web based, some are still PC/ server based to cater to existing customers who prefer to stay with ‘older’ technology.

To learn more about POMeFUND, the add-on, or POMeSYS, the suite please contact TwinPeaks Online at 2178 East Villa Street, Suite A, Pasadena, CA 91107. Or, call 626/793-7223. Or, e-mail to


A New Time Clock App for Businesses in the Food Industry to Better Manager Clock In/Out

Pasadena, CA January 23rd, 2015 — TwinPeaks Online, a software house specializing in web-based business management and accounting applications has announced the launch of its new time clock application, POMeTIME.

“POMeTIME is the latest in a suite of management and accounting applications that we currently offer. It continues to grow and help businesses throughout the world find success,” says TwinPeaks Online founder George Keushguerian. “Tracking time spent by employees at work is one of the most important things that any business owner focuses on. The days of pen and paper; and mechanical old clocks and punch cards are long gone. Time clock software (as a service) is the future, and we’re looking to provide the best solution possible for today’s forward-thinking businesses.”

This web-based time clock application runs on widely available and inexpensive Android tablets. It allows employees to log in the exact times that they’ve worked in a given day with very little margin for error. The backend component of POMeTIME is web-based and can thus be accessed at any one and from anywhere using any laptop, PC or tablet.

“At TwinPeaks Online, we believe that a combined approach that makes use of both Android tablets and laptops/desktops is the future of business,” says Keushguerian. “This multi-device approach helps to save time, thus improving business productivity” he adds.

Tracking time with POMeTIME is simple. Employees can either use the numeric touch pad or scan a QR code with the device’s built-in camera, which will also take a picture of the employee clocking in/out. This unique function allows management to monitor who is punching in and out, which is ideal for large organizations. “With POMeTIME, we set out to create a comprehensive, feature-rich experience that would appeal to the needs of organizations on a multitude of levels,” says Keushguerian. “We think we nailed it, and we’re ready to share this special piece of software with the world.”

POMeTIME is available now. For more information, contact TwinPeaks Online at 626-793-7223 or visit

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