POMeSYS- Remote Puts Order in Sales Orders Entry in the B2B World

30 January 2015
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30 January 2015, Comments: Comments Off on POMeSYS- Remote Puts Order in Sales Orders Entry in the B2B World

Cloud-based wholesale B2B fulfillment systems are beginning to keep pace with B2C Amazon-style customer ordering. Taking their lead from the world of B2C e-retailing, B2B companies are increasing their e-commerce presence – to roughly $1 trillion in the U.S. alone, according to estimates from Gartner Group and Forrester Research Inc. Wholesale buyers now carry expectations of a shopping experience as seamless and conveniently time-saving as if they were consumers on a B2C site. The industry is frantically trying to meet these expectations


Enter companies like TwinPeaks Online, a software applications development, sales and support organization based in Pasadena, California. Originally targeted and implemented for wholesale bakery needs, TwinPeaks is now branching out to eventually claim a wide spectrum of wholesale purchasing in the food sector and beyond.


Remember the days of ‘over the phone’ wholesale orders arriving to your overworked or distracted counter clerk and even worse orders left on your phone’s answering system by careless customers who expect you to decipher what they mean rather than what they say? Well, forget them – they’re gone. TwinPeaks has moved the issue entirely to the cloud.


In 2008 under the brand name POMeSYS, TwinPeaks launched a cloud-based yet centralized B2B order entry system exclusively for wholesale products manufacturers and distributors.  The company continues to offer a full range of B2B fulfillment software solutions for ordering, production, and distribution management. Called POMeSYS.com-Remote, this product is a web-based cloud-served order entry management system that allows customers to place new orders, change existing ones, and duplicate past orders; all using any non-dedicated electronic devices such as laptops, PCs, tablets and others, including smart phones. It also provides a very easy user interface to maintain and manage recurring scheduled orders. POMeSYS-Remote ‘integrates’ with most major accounting software packages, including Z-Bake, the ‘in-house’ server based bakery management software developed and supported by TwinPeaks Online for over 20 years.


Order templates are provided for easy and smooth order entries. The App provides a full, searchable catalog showing selection and price list, as well as images, descriptions, and nutritional labels therein. POMeSYS-Remote allows the specification of attributes for items ordered: such as color, size, icing, filling, etc. The customer can view, print, and email all open (unpaid) invoices. Requests for RMAs for “damaged” products can be made easily on this platform and customer communication is enhanced, allowing electronic messages, comments, and remarks to be transmitted in real time. Remote also automatically provides email confirmations on orders already placed.


POMeSYS-Remote is an exemplary B2B cloud computing system answer to the knotty and often complex realm of wholesale customer orders. Remote is at the vanguard of this new ordering realm, which is rapidly catching up to the B2C online purchasing explosion already rendering traditional ordering methods obsolete.