Here’s How Our Unique POMeFUND Online Utility Simplifies Fundraising

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17 March 2015, Comments: Comments Off on Here’s How Our Unique POMeFUND Online Utility Simplifies Fundraising

There’s a lot of work that goes into fundraising events and if you don’t plan the process carefully, the intended goodwill can get bogged down with unnecessary logistical complications. Whether you’re a school, church or sports team, we can help with our POMeFUND utility. Let us take a moment to explain how this cloud based functionality makes sure your orders get placed and delivered with our one-of-a-kind hassle free system.


All fundraising events have a business side. Placing orders for the products that were sold is the first part of that process after the event concludes. POMeFUND allows the fundraising organization’s coordinator to place these orders by logging into an online cloud based customer portal that’s user friendly. The names of each person involved are associated with the products they’ve sold. It’s a simple way to avoid any complications in getting the packages to the people who sold them right from the beginning.


Next, the production manager keeps the ball rolling by printing production sheets totaling the orders and directing them to the sellers. Labels get printed and attached to boxes or bags that in turn get delivered to the people that sold the original order. Bills get sent out, and as payments come in, receivables are maintained.


Best of all, POMeFUND operates in the safe and efficient environment of the cloud where the entire fundraising process is handled from start to finish. Why not get in touch today so we can tell you how your fundraising events can be made better by this unique process?