Hardware: Point of Sale

Twin Peaks is first and foremost, a software solutions provider. The recommendation or sale of certain pieces of POS hardware to our customers is a courtesy service. Purchasing the proper POS hardware can at times be difficult. Selecting the right “all in one POS touch screen” is challenging. The choices are many. Acquiring the component parts of a complete system separately and ensuring that they all communicate with one another correctly requires technical knowhow.

Computers, touch screeens, printers, display poles, drawers and credit card readers at times speak different languages. On another level, we offer our customers a variety of choices in hardware. Besides new equipment, we at times feature equipment used for demos or for short periods of time by customers who do not need them anymore. We cover all hardware that we sell with either 1 year or three year warranties. For certain kinds of equipment we also provide financing to ease cash flow constraints faced by some of our new customers.


We are going to move TWO WAYS with the Hardware Point of Sale: One Tablet and second All in one PC. I do

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