About us


Our Mission: To serve our clients and meet their complex and challenging needs as quickly and efficiently as possible by developing advanced, industry-specific ERP solutions.

TwinPeaks Online, the company behind POMeSYS, was founded in 1982 as a computer retail store in Glendale, CA by George Keushguerian. By 1987, TwinPeaks Online shifted into a software design, sales, and support company. Bakery software was our initial endeavor. Our focus has now changed to provide innovative ERP solutions to small- and medium-sized food manufacturing and distribution companies. We’ve worked to help businesses succeed in the United States, Canada, and globally.

Our growth into world-class software company is due to our phenomenal staff of dedicated professionals including programmers, sales, and customer service representatives. With a diverse background in business, mathematics, programming, engineering, law, education and English, our staff has the experience and creative thinking to tackle any problem. We strive to perfect and continue to create cutting-edge solutions for our clients’ needs. We create custom solutions, including entire modules, that benefit all of our clients.

In 2008, we began the shift from in-store PC solutions to the latest in web-technology: the cloud. With web versions of our popular applications, we could quickly update the suite of software without customers needing access to newly compiled disks. The greatest benefit, however, was to reduce the cost to our clients. With cloud-based software, they no longer needed servers or IT professionals to help install and manage software. With our products run locally on modern PCs and tablets, our clients have been better able to connect with their customers and run their business more efficiently.

TwinPeaks Online has helped thousands of businesses access new and exciting technology to compete in an ever-changing online and brick-and-mortar landscape. Our mission is to serve our clients and meet their complex and challenging needs as quickly and efficiently as possible.